Top 10 Facebook Hacks To Scale Your Local Business!

TOp 10 Face book Hacks! (1)


Identify your target audience running a video views campaign – once you have over 1,000 views on your video create a look alike audience based on 90% watch time to give you a strong audience.

Get creative with pinpoint targeting – for instance for legal services drop 1 mile pinpoints on hospitals for recently injured individuals.


Data Collection & Remarketing 

Capture as much data as possible from the user mainly there email address- because they may not buy now – but who is to say 30-60-90 days later by constantly staying up to date with the consumer.

Utilize the power of chat-bots – they are a great way to engage your subscribers & when re-marketing to your audience it is less intrusive than SMS and far less competitive than email marketing.



You have .8 Seconds to capture someones goldfish like attention span on their mobile device on Facebook. Make sure your creatives stand out and will grab someones attention but matches your message.


Don’t Stop yet…

Don’t turn your ads off to early – let them run for a minimum of 2-3 days before making a decision to turn them off unless they are clear losers. Like 0 clicks day 1.


People Go Where People Are At

Build social proof on your ads by running engagement traffic to your post id – people follow the heard and look at engagement of a post first to decide weather to stay and watch or look.


Split test or lose

A/B split test every ad and angle you can think of, you are like a miner your next stroke could be worth millions if you find the right combination.

TEST everything! Different angles – different audiences – different ad sets – different conversion objectives. Test it all!


Positive social engagement 

Be sure to maintain your public Facebook page because by adding engagement to your page can reduce cost by up to 30%


Bonus Tip!

Run a Thank you campaign for people who recently purchased from you by creating a conversion based audience. By thanking your buyers you can see up to 400% returns from a thank you campaign pushing 0 products just by showing you truly care!


Tyler Hedland

Tyler Hedland

My passion as a digital marketer is to help small businesses compete against the giants!

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