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Your #1 performance based Marketing Agency specializing in direct response marketing & unique growth strategies.

A Word From Tyler Hedland & Founder Of Local Growth Labs

I personally would like to welcome you to Local Growth Labs! This Agency has been years in the making through constant learning & staying ahead of the curve inside the affiliate marketing industry. We specialize in lead generation in the affiliate space & want to apply that knowledge to local business. We have helped everyone from Pest Control companies to Dog Breeders. We specialize in building cross channel marketing systems utilizing automation through our custom tools we have internally developed for the affiliate marketing industry. These tools give you huge leverage & competitive advantage over your local competitors. So please book a free assessment today & see how we can help scale your business & crush the competition today!

P.S. I Hate losing… 

Our 6-D Growth Process


Analyze Competition

Depending on your package will determine our level of analyzation of the competition from a media buying & seo standpoint. Seeing our advantages & where we can steal some traffic & beat your competitors.  


Map Out Strategy

I believe in creating efficient workflow giving us a nimble way to adjust to the ever changing ways of internet marketing. Failing to plan is planning to fail. We plan out everything, but we do it fast & efficent!


Design Custom Pages

One of our key strategies is utilizing our agency level tools to give us completely custom landing pages & sales pages to split test multiple landers quickly to optimize for conversions! 


Develop Backend

Our favorite tool is Active Campaign it is the life blood of our backend remarketing tools allowing us to create custom audiences & custom remarketing campaigns through event listings such as a click or certain page viewed where we can send them a custom email or SMS!



Our efficient deployment system utilizing pantheon hosting allows us to quickly test pages in a multi dev environment giving us a quick way to develop & deploy your marketing campaigns! 


Start Crushing It

Once we get initial data in from about the first 250 clicks then we start optimizing campaigns once we see heat map data, Click, conversion, and inline action data. To start optimizing audiences and landing pages & user flow. 

Why choose us?

By leveraging the power of Facebook messenger you are capable for leveraging 5 channels of re-marketing. Messenger, Email, SMS, Native Re-Marketing, & custom FB audiences. 

We have ran over $1,000,000 in Facebook adspend & have learned a lot. But the #1 most important thing to leverage is getting someone to just stop in the news-feed. You can have the best product in the world, but if they don’t stop to check it out how will they know! 

Since we come from the affiliate marketing industry. We only make money if we get conversions. So we have a high incentive to do marketing campaigns right! So we apply the same principals to your agency level campaign & get you the best acquisition cost possible!. 

We have developed a custom database that leverages the power of cross channel marketing. Utilizing our database the incoming data goes through a filtration process before being passed on to our automated marketing system. All you have to do is pick up that phone & sell!.

One of the most difficult parts of SEO is obtaining high quality backlinks. We have developed a network of amazing websites that we have worked with for years. Giving you access to a amazing network of publishers to get your site featured on building amazing back link profile. 

Since we are constant running performance marketing campaigns we are always looking for new advantages over our competitors to carry over to your business. We are like your own personal spy tool into the corporate giants. Giving you the power to compete in local markets & dominate!

That the website https://www.relentless.com

Forwards directly to amazon… We want to be your relentless.com we want to help take over your local marketshare & dominate. We are YOUR PERSONAL AMAZON!

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