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What clients/partners say about Tyler Hedland

Tyler is a marketer of the 21st century, bringing together design & function of website & Landing pages to create the most optimized lead generation machine. His background in media buying/affiliate marketing has allowed him to bring high level concepts & advance media buying strategies to local businesses giving him a HUGE Competitive advantage over local competition.
Denis Saidov
Head-Gate Media
"Tyler's one of the most innovative and resourceful publishers that Transparent Ads works with. He's always coming up with groundbreaking new ways to engage new customers, and has been an integral piece in helping our company grow since 2015" - Tom Hegedosh - founder of Transparent Ads
Tom Hegedosh
Transparent Ads

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By leveraging the power of Facebook messenger you are capable for leveraging 5 channels of re-marketing. Messenger, Email, SMS, Native Re-Marketing, & custom FB audiences. 

We have ran over $1,000,000 in Facebook adspend & have learned a lot. But the #1 most important thing to leverage is getting someone to just stop in the news-feed. You can have the best product in the world, but if they don’t stop to check it out how will they know! 

Since we come from the affiliate marketing industry. We only make money if we get conversions. So we have a high incentive to do marketing campaigns right! So we apply the same principals to your agency level campaign & get you the best acquisition cost possible!. 

We have developed a custom database that leverages the power of cross channel marketing. Utilizing our database the incoming data goes through a filtration process before being passed on to our automated marketing system. All you have to do is pick up that phone & sell!.

One of the most difficult parts of SEO is obtaining high quality backlinks. We have developed a network of amazing websites that we have worked with for years. Giving you access to a amazing network of publishers to get your site featured on building amazing back link profile. 

Since we are constant running performance marketing campaigns we are always looking for new advantages over our competitors to carry over to your business. We are like your own personal spy tool into the corporate giants. Giving you the power to compete in local markets & dominate!

That the website https://www.relentless.com

Forwards directly to amazon… We want to be your relentless.com we want to help take over your local marketshare & dominate. We are YOUR PERSONAL AMAZON!

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